Clear communication and strong leadership foster quality, health, safety and a corporate commitment to the environment

Understanding the nature of the offshore oil and gas industry, TSMC sustains Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) as a core value through regular focus on the five principal’s objectives such as:
Legal and other requirements Hazards and risks Identification Technological options
Financial, operational and business requirements
Views of interested parties.

Implementing these five principals provides the best mechanism for building a strong and safe culture and ultimately supports TSMC in its mission to create an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) workplace without environmental impact.

Team commitment through accountability
Our SHE management system is designed to define, establish and incorporate SHE responsibility and accountability through every level of our organization. We strive to apply open, honest and clear communication throughout the organization to engage our employees in every aspect of safe operations.
TSMC’s field execution of our SHE system is at the highest standard, resulting from our team commitment to achieve these goals.
Our policies and procedures were developed by management and employees who know first-hand the physical challenges of the offshore & onshore work site. Even with vast experience and resolution we are constantly engaged in a company-wide effort to enhance and improve our safety culture so that everyone goes home safely.