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Marine Facilities Engineer

Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (ExxonMobil)

“ …Job done safely and we were pleased working with you.”


Lawrence BRADLEY, NOBLE NPJ OIM Rig Manager

“ …I like what I see, you are a very professional company….”

Captain Piotr Milewski, Master and OIM SSDV Ocean Confidence Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc

"TSMC dive team showed good performance and professional approach to their duties. There was good communication between dive supervisor and client and any issues were quickly addressed and responded. Team performed task being safety concern and treat safety with highest priority all the time. Equipment used was in good condition and adequate for project. Team adheres to plan and when change deemed necessary all was discussed and agreed upon changes implementation. Team showed good coordination and communication. Very good leadership skills of dive supervisors observed during the project. Job completed within expected time."


"Gentlemen. Thank you for your great support. Your service was completed..."

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About us

Company Profile

Established in 1999, TSMC is specialized in various aspects of subsea engineering services such as inspection, maintenance & repair and salvage in both offshore and inshore projects.

TSMC's primary objective has been to increase business activity across all its regions of operation. TSMC attributes a large component of this increased activity to the competitive pricing of projects it tenders for.

TSMC Head Office is located in Cameroon at Douala and has onshore bases fully equipped with offices, warehouse, workshop, storage areas as well permanent competent staff.

A second location was recently opened in Limbe to assist our team performing permanent maintenance services for SONARA refinery subsea Port installations. The company provides turnkey project solutions to the industry as well as component solutions to multi- party projects.

TSMC also operates in Congo Republic at Pointe Noire since 2009 with its own facilities, offering the same range of services.

Other TSMC structure is currently being implemented in Mauritius to allow deployment on the African East coast (Mozambique, Tanzania, etc...) as well as the neighboring islands.

With over 15 years of experience, working with Oil & Gas worldwide Major Companies, TSMC is constantly working to improve its management and staff to ensure sufficient strength to execute its dynamic and expanding business vision. TSMC places great store in its ability to develop and attract strong leaders and highly skilled staff to its ever growing business needs. These leadership qualities are well communicated and reinforced through the performance management and talent assessment processes of the company. General Management is permanently looking to develop TSMC activities in additional locations while maintaining international highest standards of safety and quality.

Constant focus for customer satisfaction has led to TSMC develops sustained personnel training program promoting National Personnel competency and its own follow-up maintenance process in accordance with the international standards.

This allowed TSMC recently obtained the IMCA certification as a full IMCA Contractor (Co) Member. The next goal is now to be ISO 9001: 2008 certified in the next upcoming months.

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